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Montgomery Bridge Opening in 1957
Montgomery Bridge Opening in 1957

Date: 1957
Creator: Studio Laporte
Source: CDEM Fraser Companies Limited Collection
Collaborator(s): Mr. Léopold Couturier, Mr. Martin N. Turgeon

Description: A. R. Montgomery is shown here officially opening the bridge named in his honour by cutting the ribbon with a specially engraved axe, in 1957 in the Kedgwick region. Left to right are Mr. J. E. Whittaker, Mr. E. L. Howie, Mr. D. W. Hudson, Mr. D. E. Larlee, Mr. A. W. Goodfellow, Mr. T. M. Pond (rear), Mrs. A. W. Goodfellow, Mrs. V. C. Bastin, L. R. Burrell, Mrs. D. W. Hudson, Mrs. J. E. Whittaker, Mrs. A. C. Murray, Mrs. E. L. Howie, Mrs. T. M. Pond, Mrs. A. R. Montgomery, A. C. Murray, Mrs. L. R. Burrell, Mrs. D. E. Larlee.

Subject: New Brunswick, Logging, Lumber, Transportation, Kedgwick