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Christmas Time at the Summit Depot
Christmas Time at the Summit Depot

Date: 196-?
Source: CDEM Fraser Companies, Limited Collection
Collaborator(s): Mr. Doris Hébert, Mr. Guy Bouchard

Description: A Christmas meal at the Summit Depot in the Green River area. In this picture: Mr. Alban Michaud (pay officer), Mr. Armand Lebrun, Mr. Dave Hudson, Mr. Alcide Bélanger, Mr. Pete Belyea, and Mr. Martin Thériault. It is at the Summit Depot that supplies were stored for distribution to the area camps, notably, food, merchandise, and equipment. The Summit Depot was located along the Right Hand Branch Belone Brook in the Green River area and was in operation from 1938 to 1975.

Subject: New Brunswick, Logging, Foresters, Green River, Summit Depot