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The Kedgwick Fraser Sawmill
The Kedgwick Fraser Sawmill

Date: After 1977
Source: CDEM Fraser Companies Limited Collection
Collaborator(s): Mr. Martin N. Turgeon

Description: We see the Kedgwick Fraser sawmill after 1977. This sawmill officially opened in 1970. It then closed in the early 1990s. It produced 2"x4" and 2"x6" stud lumber. Logs were debarked and cut in the Sawmill seen near the Waste Incinerators. The Sorting and Stocking Building is at the end of the Sawmill where lumber boards were sorted by size and quality. The circular buldings, at right of the Sawmill, are the Waste Incinerators where mostly bark was burned. There were three kilns: the long building and two other shorter buildings near the larger wood yard. Lumber was dried after being cut. The Planing Building is located near the railroad, where boards were planed and made smooth and uniform. Boards were sorted and loaded into freight cars. At right, wagons are being loaded with wood chips that would be transported to the Fraser pulp mills of Edmundston and Atholville. Lumber was also stacked outside.

Subject: New Brunswick, Logging, Sawmills, Kedgwick