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Fraser Sawmill in Plaster Rock
Fraser Sawmill in Plaster Rock

Date: 1973-1976
Creator: Studio Laporte
Source: CDEM Fraser Companies Limited Collection
Collaborator(s): Mr. Martin N. Turgeon

Description: A bird's-eye view of the new Fraser sawmill on the hill in Plaster Rock. Notice the old sawmill at the bottom of the hill, between the river dam and the bridge. We see two lumber kilns, one at the bottom and one at the top of hill, where sawed boards were dried. The new sawmill is the largest building on the right. It's where wood was debarked and cut into boards. We also see the sorting building near the sawmill. Sawed lumber was sorted by size and quality. The circular structure is the waste incinerator where unusable waste (mainly bark) was burned. Notice the two courtyards, at the top and bottom of the hill, where lumber was stacked before it was shipped by train.

Subject: New Brunswick,Forests, Logging, Sawmills, Plaster Rock