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The Sainte Anne Flood on March 22nd, 1936
The Sainte Anne Flood on March 22nd, 1936

Date: March 22nd, 1936
Source: CDEM Fraser Companies Limited Collection
Collaborator(s): Mr. Léopold Couturier, Mr. William Brebner, Mr. Martin N. Turgeon

Description: The Sainte-Anne Fraser Mill after the flood on March 22nd, 1936. We can see the high water level. The Mill was located at the mouth of the Quisibis and Saint John Rivers. It was in operation between 1925 and 1932, day and night. About 350 men worked there and the production reached 110,000 feet of wood sawed daily.

Subject: New Brunswick,forests, Logging, Sawmills, Sainte-Anne