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Mr. Robert Gordon MacFarlane
Mr. Robert Gordon MacFarlane

Date: Sept. 1954
Creator: Rice Studio Montréal, P.Q.
Source: CDEM Fraser Companies, Limited Collection

Description: Mr. Robert Gordon MacFarlane was born on August 26th, 1891 in Kingsly, York County, N.B., the son of Alexander and Henrietta (Foster) MacFarlane. He married Della Howlett of Bairdsville, N.B., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milford Howlett. From 1911 to 1913, he was in charge of the office of Fraser Lumber Company in Plaster Rock, N.B.. Afterwards he was Superintendent and Treasurer of Fraser Lumber Company which amalgamated with Fraser Companies in 1917. Then, he was in charge of the Plaster Rock Mill and its adjacent buildings up to 1929. Mr. MacFarlane was transferred to Edmundston in 1930 and took charge of Pulpwood Operations for the Edmundston Fraser Companies Limited Mill. He was appointed Manager in 1931 of Lumber and Logging Operations of Fraser Companies Limited and subsidiaries. In 1936, he also assumed the supervision of all properties of the company except its pulp and paper mills. He was a member of the Advisory Committee to the Timber Controller and a member of the Pulpwood Advisory Committee of the Wartime Prices and Trade Board during World War II; Past President of the New Brunswick Section of Canadian Forestry Association; and Past Chairman, for 20 years, as member of the Council of the Woodlands Section, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association.

Subject: New Brunswick,Forests, Logging, Wood Pulp Industry, Executives, Staff