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Archibald Fraser
Archibald Fraser

Date: After 1869
Creator: Castagne Communications
Source: CDEM Fraser Companies, Limited Collection

Description: Mr. Archibald Fraser was born April 22nd, 1869 in Aberdeen, Scotland. He settles with his father in Kincardine in 1873. In 1894, he works with his father, Donald Sr and with his brother, Donald Jr. at the Aberdeen Mill (Fredericton) in New Brunswick. He becomes president of the F.& M. Lumber Company in Cabano, Québec in 1905. In 1917, Mr. Archibald Fraser, with his brother Donald Jr., starts building a pulp mill in Edmundston. It is during that year that Fraser Companies Limited was incorporated under an Act of the Dominion of Canada. The company's name was then Donald Fraser and Sons Limited. The company obtained a first building license from the State of Maine in 1925. He died on October 10th, 1932.

Subject: New Brunswick,Forests, Logging, Wood Pulp Industry, Executives, Staff