Canadian Heritage

Learning Scenarios

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General information

Title: From natural resources to finished products
Theme: Paper Mills
Teaching level: Primary
Discipline: Social Science

General learning results:
- Organization of a society on its territory

- Changes in the organization of the society on its territory

- Diversity of societies on their territories

Transdisciplinary learning results:
- Communication
- Use of ICT
- Critical and creative thinking
- Knowledge, skills, and attitudes
- Culture and heritage
- Problem solving

Specific learning results:
Organization: Describe the activities in the region.

Changes: Name important differences between the past and present organization of the territory. Describe the role played by some persons in the history of our region.

Diversity: Identify similarities and differences of our region with other regions of New Brunswick.

Technical skills and development of citizenship:
- Place activities of our region in a diagram.
- Give an opinion about changes in society.

Teaching preparation

Proposed task:
The teacher explains to the students who established the most important forest operation in our region and then, in teams, students conduct a research on the Internet to find wood related industries that exist in our region and their usefulness. To confirm their findings, a resource person is invited to explain the work of the workers in the forest operations.

- English
- Information technology

- Computer
- Internet site :

Other site :

- Archibald Fraser : an Innovative Spirit
- The Maliseets and the Forest : a Mutual Respect
- Claude Picard : Creator of Emotions

Resource person(s):
A person working in the wood industry.

Learning preparation

Proposed approach:
- Bring the student to discover the most important natural resource of the region.

- Student lists the uses and usefulness of that resource in our lives.

- develop student’s awareness concerning the importance of conserving that resource and what they can do to conserve it.

- The teacher explains to the students, based on the information found on the Website, the beginnings of forest harvesting in the region and presents one person that managed and used that resource to good ends (the most important leaders in the forest industry in our region).


- Archibald Fraser : an Innovative Spirit
- The Maliseets and the Forest : a Mutual Respect
- Claude Picard : Creator of Emotions

- What is a primary resource?

- What is the primary resource of our region?

- What uses can be made of that resource?

- Why is it important to take conservation measures to protect that resource?

- What measures can be taken to protect that resource?

Learning realisation

Proposed approach:
- Divide the region into 4 sectors (Edmundston, Lower-Madawaska, Upper-Madawaska and the St-Quentin-Campbellton area)

- Each team researches the Internet to find companies that are associated with the forest industry in our region and list products manufactured by each company.

- Each team prepares a poster to list or illustrate the companies and their products.

- Teams share results with the class.

- Using a graphic, show all the information you found in the region.

- What did you find?

- Where did you find your information? (identify the sites you researched?)

Learning integration

Proposed approach:
- Invite a resource person who can present a general view of the growth of the forest industry in the area.

- Prepare questions to guide students in their research.

- Diversity : Encourage students to discover that the primary resource of our region is also an important resource elsewhere in New Brunswick. What different types of industry that resource brings in their region?

- What other information can we get from the invited guest to improve our research?

- What additional information did you get from the guest?

- What impressed you the most?

Diversity :
- Are there forest operations elsewhere in New Brunswick?

- Do you think all regions of New Brunswick have the same primary resource?

- What is the primary resource of our region?

- List jobs that are created by the forest industry in our region?