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The Ingenious: From Miniature to "Larger Than Life"

In his spare time, Albert loved hunting and fishing. He was also an accomplished musician; he played the violin, the accordion, the guitar, the banjo, the mandolin and enjoyed going out dancing with his wife.

Involved and respected in his community, Albert Lord even sawed wood for the Saint Basile Arena. He was the first Director of the Caisse Populaire (Credit Union) of the same village. He was honoured several times for his voluntary work. One of his living room wall's adorned with a special plaque, marking half century of sawing which was a gift from his son Guy, who worked with him at the mill.7

As the years went by, he hired up to 20 employees, mostly labourers who moved logs and piled them in the yard near the mill.8 Albert Lord never injured himself during his fifty years of sawing, which proves he always knew what he was doing.