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The Ingenious: From Miniature to "Larger Than Life"

Albert Deveau was born and raised in the Madawaska region. Born in 1945, he spent most of his childhood in Saint-Léonard, where he excels in sketching and sculpting, artistic expressions he really enjoyed. "I didn't like sports. I preferred drawing and sculpting; I had it in me... I had more technical abilities and I could perceive what the final product would look like, even before starting, which helps a lot in any creative process."14

At nine years of age, he moves to Beechwood, and then to Fredericton with his family; he begins studying to become a civil engineering and then works as a land surveyor, construction project supervisor and project manager. He then visits the 1967 Expo in Montreal and later settles in Iroquois in 1969, where he still lives today. He finally works for several companies, and for himself. Ultimately, in 1998, he transforms his part time creative hobby into a full time job.

I had contracts from all over; I love the challenge of being able to work with different media. Each product works differently whether it's wood, cement, or fibber glass... with wood, it's a question of durability... it has a shorter life than other materials. In the last five years, we've seen a drastic change in wood... the climate changes; summers are more humid and rain more abundant. Wood is undergoing transformations and it affects my choice of material. I now choose products that are more durable, so I work less and less with wood.15