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The Ingenious: From Miniature to "Larger Than Life"

He has sculpted numerous statues that can be found in all corners of the province and even overseas. Among these are reproductions of an array of historical characters, including the Legend of Malobiannah for the town of Grand Falls (see historical vignette # 10), and a farmer for the Hayward Market in Jacksonville. It also includes fiddleheads to celebrate the Fiddlehead Festival in Plaster Rock as well as about thirty commemorative statues for the K.C. Irving Park in Saint John, and even a Brayon greeting passers-by in France.

Albert Deveau also sculpts more volatile materials such as snow and ice. For some time now he's participated in the International Snow Sculpting competition, part of the Quebec Carnival, as well as at the Ottawa Snow Ball and soon hopes to develop this art form in the Madawaska region.

Early on, Albert Deveau turned to representational art rather than the abstract; he got inspired by reality, hoping people would recognize themselves in his art form, or even recall old times. Throughout the years, he has become a popular sculptor, a professional for many of his fans.

The people recognized me as being a professional. I know I learned a lot throughout the years but I also have a lot more to learn. I want people, young and old, to recognize themselves in my work and to see a part of their reality peeking through it.18

When asked which of his sculpture is his favourite, Deveau says that it's always the one he is working on, which means that they have all been at some point. Therefore, several beautify Madawaska's landscape as well as other ones.