Canadian Heritage

Historical Vignettes

Here are a few examples of novelists: Jacques Savoie, Charles Pelletier and Rino-Morin Rossignol. Short story writers: Albert Roy, Guy Michaud and Louis Thériault. Poets: Serge Patrice Thibodeau, Albert Belzile and Édith Bourget. Autobiographers: Lina Belzile Madore, Thérèse Levesque and Bernard Savoie. Youth litterature: Gracia Couturier, Anne-Marie Sirois and Adrienne Roy-Michaud. Bertille Beaulieu, Conférence État de la recherche en littérature et folklore (littérature orale : conte et légende) au Nord-Ouest du Nouveau-Brunswick, présentée lors de la Table ronde de la Société culturelle du Haut-St-Jean, le 6 mars 2004, Saint-Léonard, N.-B. (translated from the original).

The Sculptors: Three-dimensional Masterminds

Madawaska counts many artists who express themselves in a variety of genres: song, performing arts, literature and visual arts. In fact, many internationally renowned painters and sculptors were born, and some even still reside, in the Saint John River Valley. These artists get their inspiration from their surroundings, childhood influences and are able to transform ordinary blocks of substance into a practically living masterpiece.

Visual arts were practically non-existent in the valley during the 18th and 19th centuries. It would take the influence of a truly original Québecois, to come and give life to this particular style. This notable character is none other than Paul Carmel Laporte.